Artistic Solutions Policy 4 - Housing

Artistic Solutions Policy # 4 was confirmed at the Board of Directors meeting on April 14, 2002

Housing and Hotel Accommodations

Artistic Solutions, Incorporated (ASI), encourages all volunteer staff members of its conventions and conferences to stay in the host hotel for the duration of that convention.   In order to reduce the burden on those volunteers, ASI will provide "room credits" to volunteers whose responsibilities require them to be on-site during the convention.

  • Executive  For those volunteers performing at the "Executive" level, as determined by the President of ASI, in conjunction with the Chairman of the convention, ASI will provide a credit of 100% per person.

  • Committee  For those volunteers performing at the "Committee" level - usually Division Managers - ASI will provide a credit of one-half (50%) room per person.

  • Staff  For those volunteers performing at the "Staff" level - usually all volunteers other than "Committee" and "Gofers" - ASI will provide a credit of one-quarter (25%) room per person.

  • Others  Additionally, ASI may provide shared rooming accommodations - otherwise called "crash space" - to other volunteers.

Room credits may be combined, up to 100% of the room bill.   (For example, four "staff" members sharing a room would each receive a one-quarter credit (25%), adding up to a total of 100%, so the entire room bill would be covered.)

These credits will be applied directly to an individual's room bill.   These credits are for the "room and tax" portion of the bill, and exclude all incidental expenses (such as phone call charges, room service or restaurant meals charged to the room, and other charges).

Beyond the room credits provided, individuals are personally responsible for the remainder of their hotel bill, including any and all "incidental" expenses charged to the room.

Some volunteers may be requested to either arrive at the hotel prior to the convention, or depart after the convention.   Room credits will be allocated for such necessary accommodation expenses.

Although ASI may assign a room credit to a volunteer, ASI does not guarantee that an individual will be assigned to a room that can accommodate a sufficient number of other volunteers such that the 100% credit can or will be achieved.

Each ASI conference and convention will announce a specific deadline by which time all volunteers seeking housing and room credits must submit their request to the conference's housing coordinator.   It may not be possible to honor any request that arrives after the deadline.

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